How do I send in my prescription?
Prescriptions can be received in person or via mail, fax or electronically to our pharmacy.
Mail to: 4338 E 142nd Street Grandview, MO 64030
Fax to: 844-781-4279
Email: HeartofAmericaCS­@heartofamericarx.com
Does Heart of America Pharmacy offer patient counseling?
Counseling is offered to all patients. If you need counseling or have questions about your medications, please call us at 844-780-4279 to speak with a pharmacy staff member.
How can I find out the status of my prescription?
Please call us directly at 844-780-4279 or you can also send us an email to HeartofAmericaCS­@heartofamericarx.com
When can I expect to receive my prescription order?
Upon receipt of a valid prescription, your medications will be ready within 48 hours. If we are unable to dispense your medication within 48 hours, we will notify you and discuss other available options.
How much will my prescription cost?
Once we receive your prescription, we will contact your insurance company for authorization.
We will contact you upon receiving co-pay or cost information from your insurance company.
What if my prescription expires?
If your prescription expires, we will attempt to contact your physician to obtain authorization for a new prescription. Please allow extra time while the pharmacist attempts to contact your physician.
To expedite the process, you may choose to contact your physician directly and request refill authorization.
Can I transfer a prescription from another pharmacy?
Yes, we can accept a prescription transfer from another pharmacy. Have your pharmacy fax, mail or send the prescription to us. TRANSFER must be written on the prescription.

toll-free at 844-780-4279

Hours of Operation: 8AM - 4PM Central Time